Report a Problem

To help keep Gravenhurst safe and clean, the Town encourages residents to report problems related to roadways, parking and a wide variety of other municipal issues.

How to Report a Problem

Call 705-687-3412 to report a problem during our regular business hours.

When reporting a problem please provide:

Description of the problem

  • Location of problem (street/road address, or distance from a well-known landmark)
  • Photo(s), if available
  • Your contact information

Report It Online

Animal Control, Building, Community Standards, Property Standards, and Zoning By-laws
 Online By-Law Complaint Form 
Roads, Cemeteries, Parks, Streetlights, Facilities
 Online Public Works Complaint Form
General Concern or Issue

Is there a concern, or issue that is not shown in the above choices that you would like to bring to our attention?

Online General Concern or Issue form

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