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Request Address or Change of Address

Every property in Gravenhurst should have a civic address sign (also referred to as a "9-1-1 number". This is a standard "blue with white numbers" fluorescent sign and is what emergency responders are trained to look for when responding to an emergency and a two-sided sign is best to ensure a quick response.


Civic Addressing By-law

The Civic Addressing By-law provides information for Numbering of Buildings and/or Lots and Installation of Official Number Signs in the Town of Gravenhurst for 9-1-1 Purposes.

Request for an Address or Change of Address

Do you have a vacant property that requires a civic address? Complete the online form and follow the form instructions. 

Change of address forms must be signed by at least “one” of the property owners. 

  • Request for Address Change form

 Tips on Installing Your Sign

  • Place the sign at the end of your driveway approximately three (3) feet from the shoulder of the road - it should not interfere with any road operations;
  • Mount the sign on a metal sign post (a wooden post will also work) approximately four (4') feet above the ground (Do not hang it on a chain or a rope);
  • Keep the sign clear of snow, branches and other obstructions at all times;
  • Only if your house is within forty (40') feet from the road, clearly visible from the road in the dark, you may put the sign on your house or garage;
  • If your property is water access only, mount the sign on your dock or very close to it so that it is visible from the lake.

 Where to Obtain Signs in Gravenhurst

  • Gravenhurst Home Hardware, 1170 Muskoka Rd. S. - 705-687-3479
  • Muskoka Signs, 115 Industrial Dr. - 705-687-6222 

 Remember, this blue and white sign will help emergency responders arrive quickly when you need them.

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