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Be Good a Neighbour

As a landlord or short-term rental property owner, your tenants or renters become part of the Gravenhurst neighbourhood. Help them be a good neighbour by the following:

Be a friendly landlord or rental property owner

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours as the landlord or short-term rental property owner
  • Be courteous and considerate of your neighbours concerns or issues related to your tenants or renters
  • Consider providing your contact information to your neighbours in case of questions or concerns. 

Respectfully handle issues

  • Calmly talk to your neighbour in person or on the phone about their concern
  • Keep your conversation calm, polite and respectful for a positive conversation
  • Respectfully listen and work together to resolve any concerns or issues
  • If you have tried all of the above, report it online or call our By-law Department.

Be considerate

  • Share relevant by-laws with your long or short-term renters
  • Ask renters to check the Fire Danger Rating online before they have a fire
  • Share your emergency contact with your long or short-term renters and neighbours for any issues that need your help resolving
  • Share any lake association code of conducts such as the Muskoka Lakes Association Good Neighbour Code with your long or short-term renters

Share key information with your renters 

When it comes to sharing key information with your short term renters, we have made it easy with a brochure! 

To request a FREE print version of the brochure(s) fill out the form below: 

Request a Renter Information Brochure

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