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Short-term Rental Accommodation Licences

After completing community consultation and a review of best practices in similar communities, The Town of Gravenhurst has developed a Short-Term Rental Accommodation program that will address using Short-Term Rentals (STR) across the municipality. Town Council passed the Short-Term Rental Licensing By-law that requires all STRs to have a license from the Town to operate. The Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) By-law was also passed to describe the enforcement and the penalties related to not following the By-law to Licence and Regulate Short-Term Rentals.

Both By-laws came into effect as of January 2023.

Within the By-law to Licence and Regulate Short Term Rentals, a Short-Term Rental is defined as “the use of a dwelling unit that operates or offers a place of temporary residence, lodging or occupancy by way of concession, permit, lease, licence, rental agreement, or similar arrangement for any period equal to or less than twenty-eight (28) consecutive calendar days, throughout all or any part of the calendar year, unless otherwise prohibited by this By-law or any other By-law of the Town of Gravenhurst.”

Notably, there are a variety of other municipal By-laws that are in place to address many of the behaviors that have been described as problematic during the STR discussion. These By-laws include those related to open burning, noise, parking, property standards, dark sky lighting, site alteration and site plan control.

The Town of Gravenhurst developed the Short-term Rental By-law to ensure safe and efficient practices. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or a short-term rental within the community, please let us know through our Report a Problem webpage.
Please check out our Frequently Asked Question Page for quick answers to common questions. Any further inquiries please contact:

By-law information:
Kristen Ford, Manager of By-law Services
705-687-3412 ext. 2266  

Licence Application information:
Hailey Lehman, Administrative Clerk - Legislative Services
705-687-3412 ext. 2231 

For more information about STRs in Gravenhurst, please refer below.

Application Information:

      - An application does not guarantee a licence
      - Required Documents for the Application: Online Application Checklist
      - Site Plan (Drawing Example)
      - Responsible Person Form (to be submitted with application)
      Renters Code of Conduct(only sign top half of form for application)
      - if you are applying on behalf of someone, or having someone applying on your behalf, please include the Authorization to Act as an Agent Form
      - Photo ID
      - Proof of Ownership
      - There is no save feature on the application form, it must be filled out entirely when you submit it.

Licence Information:

      - The Licence fee is $750.00.

      - The Licence fee can be paid within the online application, via credit card (Visa and Mastercard only). Alternatively, payments can be made within 72 hours from submitting your application, at the Town of Gravenhurst Municipal office. We accept credit (Visa or Mastercard only), debit, and cash.
      - The Licence is valid January 1 - December 31 of the year it was issued.

General Information:

      - It is expected that those who are renting your STR abide by the Town's by-laws during their stay. The 'Helpful Links' section includes quick links to by-laws and renting information you can provide your guests.
      - Please visit our Good Neighbour website for detailed information for those who own a local Short-Term Rental.

The Legislative Services Department is experiencing an issue with its online Short-term Rental Licence application and its online Refreshment Vehicle Licence application.

If you are interested in filling out either application, please contact the department first.

Call 705-687-3412, ext. 8.


Please select the link below for the 2024 Short-Term Rental Licence Renewal or New Application.

2024 Short Term Licence Application

Municipal Accommodation Tax:
      - The Municipal Accommodation Tax, or MAT, is a 4% tax charged on the cost of fixed roof transient accommodations sold for a continuous period of less than 30 days within the boundaries of the Town of Gravenhurst and is applicable to all licensed STRs.
      - The tax applies to all accommodation sold for a continuous period of less than 30 days in a hotel, motel, lodge, inn, hostel, bed and breakfast or dwelling unit or any place an accommodation is provided. The tax would be applicable to roofed accommodations at campgrounds that have hydro AND water.

How do I get set up for reporting and remitting the MAT and when is it due?:
      - Shortly after receiving approval for your Short Term Rental Accommodation Licence, owners will receive an email invitation to an online reporting and remittance tool. This email will come from the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA). 
      - The Municipal Accommodation Tax collected for Short Term Rentals will be remitted quarterly. For example reporting and remitting will be due on the 15th day of April 15th for Q1 (January, February and March), July 15th for Q2 (April, May and June), October 15th for Q3 (July, August and September) and January 15th, 2024 for Q4 (October, November and December).

When renting a STR in Gravenhurst we want to ensure you enjoy the Town as much as you can during the visit. Our warm welcoming community is one of the many factors that will leave you wanting to come back! 

The 'Helpful Links' section includes quick links to by-laws and renting information you can familiarize yourself with for your stay.

The Town has began sharing  informational Newsletters for the Short-Term Rentals Program. Please Sign up for the Newsletter to be kept up to date! 

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