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Committee of Adjustment

The Town of Gravenhurst has established a Committee of Adjustment to deal with applications for consents and minor variances. All meetings are open to the public.

The Committee of Adjustment has general and special powers, these include:

  • to grant minor variances from the Town's Zoning By-law
  • to grant permission to expand or enlarge legal non-conforming uses
  • authority to permit a change in use where the new use will be more compatible with the intent of the Official Plan or Zoning By-law
  • to approve consents for land severances, lot additions, validations of title, and easements or right-of-way within the Town of Gravenhurst (pursuant to sections 50 and 53 of the Planning Act)

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The Town of Gravenhurst's Zoning By-law regulates how land and buildings are used and where buildings and structures can be located. This by-law also specifies lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and other provisions needed for proper and orderly development.

However, sometimes due to site conditions and character of the existing buildings, it is not possible to meet all the requirements of the Zoning By-law. In that case, you can apply for approval of a minor variance. A minor variance permits a slight adjustment of a specific Zoning By-law requirement to excuse a property owner from meeting the exact requirements of the by-law.

The Committee of Adjustment must consider the following tests concerning an application before reaching a decision:

  1. Is the variance minor?
  2. Is the variance desirable for the appropriate development or use of the lands in question?
  3. Does the variance maintain the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law?
  4. Does the variance maintain the general intent of the Official Plan?

The Committee is made up of five members (3 members of the public and 2 members of Council), appointed by By-law  and generally serve a four-year term. Those members are:

The following are Staff who have statutory duties assigned with this quasi-judicial Committee:

  • Adam Ager, Manager of Planning Services (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Susan Flemming, Planning Technician (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Angela Ghikadis, Planner (Deputy Secretary-Treasurer)

View the Committee of Adjustment Appointment By-law

These meetings are open to the public and anyone may attend or speak to the Committee about a particular application.

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Agendas and Minutes for this Committee's meetings can be accessed through the Council Calendar when posted. 

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