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Fence Viewer and Dangerous Dog Committee

Fence Viewers / Dangerous Dog Appeal Committee

The cost of fences to be erected along a common property line are normally shared between two property owners. In the event of a disagreement between two property owners, or if one property owner does not wish to pay their share, an application may be made to the Town to have the Fence Viewers attend the property.

Fence Viewers are appointed by Council to arbitrate and make awards as to the cost of the fence construction along common property lines.

Fence Viewers will attend the property to visually inspect the area and  file a report outlining the responsibilities to each property owner (section of fence to be erected and type), assign a date by which the fence must be constructed, and assess costs for their attendance.

This Committee also hears appeals from residents of Gravenhurst who have received a ‘Notice to Muzzle' for their dog after it has been declared a ‘Dangerous Dog'.

The charging Officer who issues the Muzzle notice must present evidence to the Committee, while the Manager of By-law Services regulates the flow and decorum of the appeal process by explaining the procedures and summarizing the events.

These meetings are open to the public. However, deliberations are done in closed session.


Current members are:

  • C.A.M. Smith
  • Kelsey Gliddon
  • Rob Abbott
  • Harold Coffin
  • Barbara McNeice-Stallard

 Staff Liaisons supporting the administration of this Committee are:


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