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Community Grants Committee

The Community Grants Committee is a Subcommittee of Council responsible for providing recommendations, advising and assisting on matters related to the distribution of the Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program (as established through the Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program Policy) and to the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) fund (as established by the Community Improvement Plan program).

  • Review and consider annual submissions for the Terence Haight Financial Endowment Program for community groups and organizations that serve the residents of the Town of Gravenhurst;
  • Review and consider annual submissions for Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grants for Town of Gravenhurst businesses and residences within the established Community Improvement Project area, as per Schedule “A” to By-law No. 2021-101; and,
  • Review and consider submissions for grants or financial assistance applied to the Town of Gravenhurst.

The Committee shall refer to the policies and criteria that govern the Terence Haight Fund and CIP while reviewing application submissions and provide recommendations to Council regarding identified recipients.

Tax Increment grants or Development Charges grants through the CIP shall require a recommendation to Council for awarding.

The Terms of Reference outlines the purpose and structure of the Subcommittee.

The Terms are jointly developed and approved by Council, and can change as the nature of the work of Council evolves.
View the Community Grants Committee Terms of Reference.

  • Kelsey Gliddon
  • C.A.M. Smith
  • Jeff Watson
  • Heidi Welker
  • Councillor Morphy (Council Representative)
  • Amy Taylor (Staff Liaison)

Agendas and Minutes for this Committee's meetings can be viewed within our Council Calendar when posted.

If you wish to speak at a meeting, visit our Information and Special Request Page.

For more information on Schedules, Agendas and Minutes, please contact the Deputy Clerk/Committee Coordinator.

Applying for a Terence Haight Grant or more information and resources, please visit the Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program page. 

Applying for a CIP Grant or looking for related resources view our Community Improvement Plan page.

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