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Freedom of Information Requests

Requesting Information from the Town

Need a copy of a record filed or created by the Town?

We recommend that you first call the department connected to your request if known to you. For our Staff and Departments/Divisions listing, please view our Contact Us page.

Many Town public records are available electronically in our Document Centre or by appointment during regular office hours. Some of those records include:

The Town has a Routine Disclosure Process that allows staff to provide you with certain types of records with some limitations.

We invite you to view our Policy to better understand how we release various Town records.

If you want to know if something can be provided, ask staff or view the table attached to the policy.

To make sure we understand what you are looking for, please fill out the Routine Disclosure Request Form.

Just because something can't be released routinely doesn't mean you can't have access.

You may simply need to follow a more formal process called the Freedom of Information (FOI) Request and submit it through the Legislative Services Department.

The FOI process is a part of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). This legal process was designed to make sure that all requests for access are treated fairly and objectively.

The law (MFIPPA) sets out that information should be made available to the public, and that certain types of records such as personal privacy of others, trade secrets, lawyer-client privilege, etc. must be protected.

By filing an FOI request you have the right to appeal any decision by the Town to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC). This allows for another neutral third party to look at the records, the law and determine whether access will be given or if the initial decision of the Town will be upheld.

Before Filing your request you should contact the Legislative Services Department to see if a request is necessary.

Follow this process to request information from the Town:

In Person:

Location: Town Hall/Municipal Office 3-5 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst, ON (ask for the Deputy Clerk or Clerk)

Payment: we accept cash, debit visa, master card, cheque

By Mail:

Attention: Deputy Clerk / Clerk , 3-5 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1Z3

Payment: we accept cheque only made payable to the “Town of Gravenhurst”


  • FOI Requests cannot be started without receipt of the $5.00 fee.
  • Except where an extension is necessary, all FOI Requests will be completed within 30 calendar days from date of receipt of payment.

Law enforcement agencies such as the Ontario Provincial Police may request information from the Town to aid in an investigation.

Records routinely available to the public are also routinely available to any law enforcement agency subject to any relevant conditions.

Records containing personal information may also be disclosed to a law enforcement agency. These types of requests must be made in writing to the Deputy Clerk / Clerk by completing the Law Enforcement Request Form

Any requests involving confidential or third party information will require a subpoena.

Records routinely available to the public are also routinely available to researchers.

Researchers requesting access to records containing personal information for any type of research or analysis must complete, sign and submit a Routine Disclosure Request Form to the Deputy Clerk or Clerk. (accepted via email)

Requests for confidential or third party information for research purposes require the completion of an Access or Request Form (FOI Request).

For more information view/visit:

Any additional questions about the Town's Routine Disclosure Policy and Freedom of Information Process should be directed to the Deputy Clerk/Committee Coordinator or Clerk.

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